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Wednesday, November 18, 2015



The Book of Sir Percival

Chapter First

How Percival Departed into the World and how he Found a Fair
Damsel in a Pavilion; likewise how he came before Queen Guinevere
and how he Undertook his First Adventure

Chapter Second

How Sir Percival was made Knight by King Arthur; how he rode
Forth with Sir Lamorack and how he Left Sir Lamorack in quest
of Adventure upon his own Account; likewise how a Great Knight
Taught him craft in Arms

Chapter Third

How Sir Percival met two Strange People in the Forest, and how
he Succored a Knight who was in very Great Sorrow and Dole

Chapter Fourth

How Sir Percival Undertook the Adventure of the Castle of Beaurepaire
and how he Fared Therein after Several Excellent Adventures

Chapter Fifth

How Sir Percival Repaid Sir Kay the Buffet he one time gave
Yelande the Dumb Maiden, and how, Thereafter, he went Forth to
Seek his own Lady of Love

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